Why We’re Unique


At Laguna Orthodontics we understand your desire to seek the best possible orthodontic care for you and your family. We pride ourselves on understanding and caring for your individual needs and assure you the best possible orthodontic treatment available.

We Are Professional

- Dr. Adams is an Orthodontic Specialist
Dr. Adams completed a rigorous orthodontic residency after attending dental school. He is a registered specialist of the American Association of Orthodontists.

- Dr. Adams is a teacher
In addition to practicing orthodontics, Dr. Adams is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF, teaching in the orthodontic residency program and the pre-doctoral program for dental students.

- All options of treatment are presented to our patients
At your initial appointment you will be informed of each treatment option available so that you may make the best informed choice for your orthodontic needs.

- Parents are informed of their child’s progress at each appointment
Dr. Adams and his team make a conscious effort to update you at every appointment regarding treatment and if it is progressing according to schedule. We welcome parents to join their child in the treatment area and will always make time to answer your questions.

- We offer orthodontic treatment at an exceptional value
Our fees are quoted based on your specific needs and we offer a variety of flexible financing plans to meet your budget. We’re convinced that the value of a beautiful, confident smile will certainly be worth your investment.

We Are Fun!

- In-office contests
Whether it’s “guess the amount of jelly beans in the jar” in the spring or “guess the weight of the pumpkin” in the fall, our in-office contests make your office visits fun.

- Office t-shirt contest
Wear your Laguna Orthodontics t-shirt to your appointments, on vacation (take a picture), or let us catch you wearing it around town to win a prize.

We Are High Tech

- We are a computerized office
Dr. Adams utilizes digital technology to notify the team of your arrival to our office. Create an account on our website to gain access to future appointments, your account balance, and case photos!

- Digital appointment reminders
You will be notified the night before to confirm your appointment through our HouseCalls computer system. We also offer other convenient reminder options including e-mail and text messaging.

- We utilize digital imaging and digital X-ray equipment to enhance your understanding and visualization of your individual orthodontic needs.
Digital instructional videos, imaging, and X-rays are utilized to educate you on your recommended orthodontic treatment plan, as well as aid Dr. Adams in establishing a definitive treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art PLANMECA Dimax3 digital X-ray machine reduces radiation exposure by 70-90%!

- Advanced sterilization systems are in place
Our instruments are dry-heat autoclave sterilized between every patient. Single-use/disposable items are used whenever possible.

- Contemporary appliances bring our treatment to a new level of clinical performance
Our clear brackets are virtually invisible and are designed to move the teeth efficiently. Nickel-titanium archwires create a continuous light force resulting in more efficient tooth movement with less discomfort to our patients.

- Dr. Adams is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign®.
Dr. Adams is Invisalign certified and experienced in the intricacies of the Invisalign process.

- Early intervention treatment
Early evaluation provides timely detection of problems such as crossbite, openbite, or gummy smile, and allows greater opportunity for more effective treatment. If found early, prudent intervention guides growth and development and can prevent serious problems later.

We Are Caring

- Treatment is tailored to each patient’s individual needs
Care and consideration is taken by Dr. Adams and his team to treat each patient as an individual. We will take the diagnostic records needed to create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

- You are our most valuable asset
We understand the value of a happy patient. Our goal is to delight you with a relaxed environment, a friendly and knowledgeable team of orthodontic professionals, an accommodating schedule, flexible payment solutions, and cutting-edge digital technology.

As you can see, the orthodontic experience at Dr. Gregory Adams’ office is truly unique. And so is the level of care he and his friendly, experienced team provide. We believe that you deserve the best, and it’s precisely this commitment to the highest quality that sets us apart.

We take great pride in providing you with the very best in orthodontic care. We know you will develop confidence in our office and hope you will feel comfortable in recommending us to your friends. We offer orthodontic care that’s as unique as your special smile, and it’s right here at the office of Dr. Gregory Adams.